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Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday 9am – 7pm
Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 12pm

If your child attends Fort Montessori or is picked up by Bus in the Fort Montessori After School Program, Fort Montessori staff will take your child to swimming lessons at Fort Aquatics at a designated time and bring them back to Fort Montessori after the class. You can choose any number of classes per week that fit your schedule and Fort Montessori will handle the rest. Fort Montessori also plans to provide the same service with Fort Gymnastics once it is open in January 2018.

The intent of this service is to provide a worry free environment so that parents can eliminate the stress of getting their child to swim or gym lessons. Similarly in summer, Fort Montessori children can go to swim or gym camps for “intensive training” and not be tied to attending child care year round. As before it will be Fort Montessori’s responsibility to take your child to attend the class and return the children back to Fort Montessori.

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