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Our session runs every 8 weeks. This allows the child to have 8 classes per session.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Week
  • Winter Break

Yes, you can reschedule a class after the date of absence.

All reschedules/makeup are requested through our website by filling out a reschedule form.

Via Website
To reschedule via our website, enter our web address on your phone, tablet or computer www.fortaquatics.com or www.fortgymnastics.com and click on the My Account/Re-schedule. Fill out all the contents of the form and submit.

Our Staff will diligently work to ensure you are in the first available class and we will communicate by email or phone the date and time of the class. Make-up schedule is determined by management.

Whenever there is a reschedule, we cannot guarantee the same teacher will take the class.

*Note: All classes that have been missed have to be rescheduled within one month of missing the class and the student must be enrolled in one of the classes

In Texas, there are extreme weather conditions which force us to close the school per state laws. In these cases, Fort Aquatics and Gymnastics will reschedule the class and you will receive an email of the new date and time.

Fort Aquatics and Gymnastics publishes all the national holidays that we are closed on our calendar. Since we know this in advance, we will schedule that class accordingly and let you know in advance.

  • Payments are posted on your account at the beginning of each session.
  • Invoices are sent out at the beginning of each session.
  • Credit cards are processed at the assigned date.
  • If your credit card declines, we will give you a courtesy call or email and allow 24 hours to provide a new credit card or authorize to reprocess.
  • If your account is not current by the end of the first month in the session, your child will be withdrawn from the class for the next month or session whichever occurs first.

You are permitted to reschedule as many classes that a child misses per session. We encourage your child to not miss more than one class per month as it will affect the child’s learning pattern. If a child is absent for a scheduled make-up class for any reason, the make-up class will be forfeited.

Please notify us via email two weeks prior to session end and we can withdraw your child.

If you don’t notify us and you are billed for the next session, there will be no refund or transfers.

Yes, Fort Aquatics and Fort Gymnastics will prorate your bill only for the classes your child will attend for that session.

  • If your account is not current by the end of the first month in the session, your child will be withdrawn from the class.

Annual registration fee is $30. If you have two children, the second child will have a smaller registration fee.

Please check the tuition and pricing portion on the website for details. The registration fee is billed annually on your anniversary date.

We do not offer refunds for registration or tuition fee unless it is due to extraordinary circumstances.

Swim and Gym instructors teach lessons on a varying schedule and need. We strive to maintain consistency with staff. Knowing the nature of job and patterns of hiring; we cannot guarantee that you will have the same instructor throughout the swim level. However, all the instructors go through the same intricate training and will be able to gracefully integrate to the level your child is in based on the documentation and skill level needed.

All instructors are required to document your child’s progress in every class. If there is an instructor change, the new instructor will have the notes from the previous class and will know where your child is at. The notes are in an easy-to-read format and have patterns that allow all our instructors to be able to easily interpret and understand each assessment and allow a smooth transition.

Each parent will be given a progress report card of the child’s progress at the end of each session. Level changes are made at the end of each session and noted on the progress report. An email will be sent to the parent of the level change and if there is a time change for the class.

It is not uncommon for a child to cry and refuse to enter the pool or gym. Our instructor and assistants will spend a good amount of time trying to get the child into the pool or gym. But some children are just not ready and may not cooperate. At this point, we will request the parent to bring the child back when he/she is ready or possibly schedule private lessons or provide simple things that parents can do at home to coax the child into getting into the pool or gym. We will then offer the child a refund if he/she has paid for the whole session.

We follow the CDC guidelines to clean and sanitize the pool in case of a diaper leak. Fort Aquatics takes every precaution to ensure that all small children have swim diapers even if they are potty trained, no exceptions for children ages 4 and under. In unforeseen instances, if we have a diaper leak, the pool will be shut down for 6 hours until proper hygiene in the pool is restored and the sanitizers and UV filters have had a chance to kill all the germs. This is done to protect your child and ensure that no disease or illness spreads. When this occurs, Fort Aquatics will reschedule the class and you will receive an email of the new date and time.

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