Pre-Schooler Swim Classes

Safety swimming with roll over breathing to
competitive freestyle stroke development will keep
the child’s interest going.

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Pre-schoolers are super fun to be around. They love to talk, run and play and are a very enthusiastic lot. Pre-school children at this age are generally fearful of water. They may cry when they get into the water but quickly get used to it. It may take a couple of tries before they actually submerge their head but they usually are okay to get their feet wet or play. The age group for this pre-schoolers swim lessons is 4 years to 5 years of age. In this program the child is usually independent, potty trained, speak fluently and is okay to be in the water without the parent.


Minnows Level 1

Children at this level have never been exposed to the water and are just beginning the basics. The focus of this pre-school swim lesson is to allow the Pre-schooler child to experience water, the weightlessness and to remove fear of water. This is a big step for the child as he/she is away from the parent and trying something totally new in an unfamiliar territory. Swim Instructors make the environment very friendly, play a few games, conducts a few activities and sings familiar songs to make the child feel at ease. There will be an introduction to back and front floating, balancing on wall inside water and side kicking. Children in this level are taught about water safety and how to safely enter and exit the pool. One of the key indicators here is to see if a child is comfortable submerging his/her head in the water.

Minnows Level 2

The child here is comfortable in the water and can be totally independent. He/She will be working on floating and work on trying to swim 5 feet independently using scoops. Children are taught to retrieve objects from the ground and lots of work is done in kicking, streamlining and back floating. The child in this level must be very comfortable on the back as it lays the groundwork to move to the next level.

Minnow Level 3

At this level, the child can float and swim comfortably. Full emphasis will be laid on roll over breathing and kicking and this is the level the child is introduced to freestyle. Focus also is on independent breathing - children will be taught various techniques to master breathing. The children will work on different kicks for different styles and the child will be able to jump and swim to the side. Children will be introduced to backstroke at this level. The Swim Instructor will introduce more challenging games and swim activities to keep the child’s interest going.

Minnow Level 4

The child at this Pre-school swim level 4 transitions from safety swimming with roll over breathing technique to competitive freestyle stroke development. The emphasis at this level is side breathing which is essential to swimming and mastery of freestyle. Children will learn to perfect backstroke and begin learning the technique of alternate side breathing. The Swim Instructor will work on freestyle and the ability to swim 25 feet. The children will be introduced to the other basic strokes - breast stroke and butterfly stroke. Lots of emphasis will be laid on lap swim and building endurances. Children will learn to begin competitive swim at this level with their friends in the same class.

School-Age Swim Classes 6 Years to 11 years

School Age children bring tremendous excitement and energy. They are physically strong, love to play and have good endurance. They want to experiment, jump and play in the water immediately only to realize that they are not ready yet.

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