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Toddler Swim Classes

Remove the fear of water, Introduction to freestyle
and Breath control

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Toddlers are always fun to be around - they are bubbly, talkative and full of energy. Toddlers at this age are generally fearful of water. They tend to cry when they get into the water and may refuse to go into the water all together. It may take a couple of tries before they actually get in the water. They generally tend to stop crying after 2 or 3 classes. So, at Fort Aquatics, for Toddler swimming sessions, we encourage parents to be inside the water for this age group. The children will need individual attention and would feel more secure if the parents were in the water. The age group for this program is 18 months to 3 years of age. In toddler swim classes, a child is always accompanied by a parent or guardian in the water.

Guppies Level 1

This is the entry level toddler swimming program at Fort Aquatics where the focus is water adjustment. Key to this program is allowing your child to experience buoyancy and water safety techniques. There will be a basic introduction to back floating, kicking skills, submersions, pool safe entry and exit and wall walking. But the most important thing in this program is to remove the fear of water and allow the child to enjoy the buoyancy. The Swim Instructor makes the environment very friendly, plays a few games, conducts a few activities and sings familiar songs to make the child feel at ease. The parent plays an active role in making the child feel safe and follows what the instructor is doing. In this way the child is busy enjoying the class and not fearfully crying of the water.


Guppies Level 2 & 3

This is an advanced level of the Guppies Level 1 Toddler swim program. The child here is comfortable in the water and can back float independently. In this program the child will learn basic scoops, will be taught to swim 3 to 5 feet independently and be introduced to rolling over breathing. Introduction to freestyle and breath control are key elements in this advanced level. At this level, the child exhibits a tremendous amount of independence and comfort in the water. Fear of water is totally removed and it is all about learning

Pre-School Swim Classes 3 Years to 6 years

Pre-schoolers love to talk, run and play and are a very enthusiastic lot. Pre KG children at this age are generally fearful of water. They may cry when they getinto the water but quickly get used to it.

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School-Age Swim Classes 6 Years to 11 years

School Age children bring tremendous excitement and energy. They are physically strong, love to play and have good endurance. They want to experiment, jump and play in the water immediately only to realize that they are not ready yet.

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