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We offer Toddler, Pre-Schooler and School Age Swim

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The focus of our swim program curriculum is to develop a love for swimming and remove the fear of water. A child needs to feel safe and comfortable before he/she begins the process of learning. Once the child feels safe and begin enjoying the water, the curriculum focuses on floating technique and breath control. On mastery of floating and breath control, the curriculum moves to focus on swim stroke development and eventually endurance, speed and strength. Fort Aquatics will strive to provide a clean and safe environment with friendly swim instructors and flexible management to make your child’s experience very special.We have three swim programs depending on the age group and the levels of the child. They are Toddler Swim, Pre-Schooler Swim and School Age swim:

Swim Programs
Pre-School Swim Classes
3 Years to 6 years

Pre-schoolers love to talk, run and play and are a very enthusiastic lot. Pre KG children at this age are generally fearful of water. They may cry when they getinto the water but quickly get used to it.

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School-Age Swim Classes
6 Years to 11 years

School Age children bring tremendous excitement and energy. They are physically strong, love to play and have good endurance. They want to experiment, jump and play in the water immediately only to realize that they are not ready yet.

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